SANTA MARIA: santamarina That variety is accepted as summer pear variety. It was obtained by hybridization of Coscia and Williams and very well adapted to Anatolia. Fruit is very huge than other varieties, part of throat is oblong, expands through the underside; gives the image of the pyramid.  Fruit quality is very good, juicy and delicious. Fruits mature in July.  Gives medium-size fruits. Fruit crust color is yellow-green whether sun-exposed areas are colored pink to red. Staining and maturation develops in a homogeneous. Flesh is white in color. DEVECI: deveci It is a pear of Turkish origin. Each fruit can weigh up to 1.5 kg. The skin is yellow-green and can have pink-red spots where it gets exposed to sunlight. The flesh is hard and very juicy. Harvest time is mid-October.



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