Our products are under the supervision of our expert technical staff, giving maximum consideration to the environment and human health and are manufactured in compliance with international standards. While doing so, the GLOBALGAP, BRC and IFS standards are our guides.   GLOBALGAP is the standard of European Retailers Good Agricultural Practices. By GLOBALGAP it is certified that the products; do not contain any chemicals, physical and microbiological wastes which are hazardous for human health. It is certified that our products are produced without harming the environment, the natural balance and the human and are documented by the country's agricultural legislation IFS and BRC aim to prepare global food security standardization for the businesses to sell safer food products in their markets. Further to this, GFSI has made food safety standards measurable. Ileri Tarim produces globally competitive products, without compromising the quality, environment and human health, and is committed to be an organization that truly creates and applies accordingly. For this purpose  Ileri Tarim ;  
  • Complies with laws and regulations
  • Cares for human and environmental health
  • Follows and applies the technological developments
  • Is customer satisfaction oriented
  • Cares for staff working conditions and their trainings
  • Controls all the stages of production in terms of food security by traceability systems
  • Implements,monitors and continuously improves processes to ensure pesticide-free fruits and vegetables
  • Collects, processes, packages and the transports all products in high quality
  • Delivers to consumers in hygienic packages
  • Do not compromise responsibilities to the environment and to society
  • Cares employee and customer satisfaction by fulfilling their legal obligations and other requirements
  • Assess the best resources in domestic and export markets to provide added value to our economy
  • Committed to maintain the sector and global vision with the quality of the products produced by the latest technology.



  ISO_9001 İleri tarim is the registered trademark of Dogal Fermantasyon Ltd.     Sti. for fresh fruits & vegetables