Sustainability Policy


Water Management:

Ileri Tarim optimizes the track of water applied to orchards, reduces the amount of water used in irrigation and manages the risk of contamination of pesticides to the groundwater , surface waters or nutrients in a responsible way

Pesticide Management:

Ileri Tarim supports the sustainable policies that strengthens the ecosystem balance and substitutes the natural controls instead of pesticides to reduce the harvest loss

Energy Management:

Ileri Tarim aims to optimize the use of energy in order to improve the farm economy, waste management and to reduce the use of natural resources

Farm Economy and Land Management:

Ileri Tarim supports the sustainable agricultural practices that increase the product value to the max by reducing the inputs to min and avoiding the orchards and the soil from the negative effects to get the highest expected value of product. Ileri Tarim works with farmers who develop long-term economic plans for an efficient and responsible farm production.

Social improvement

Ileri Tarim aims to invest in new know-hows and innovations that can improve the human capital of the local economies and use the sustainable agriculture practices to improve the welfare of our suppliers.



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